Student Council Vote


‼Important - Student Council Vote‼

Dear fellow students,

the student council is annoucing a plenary meeting (Fachschaftsvollversammlung, FSVV) for the 17th of May, 7:30 pm, at KommRaum (IC 03-173), with the main topic being a vote for the student council.

If you are wondering why we're doing this: there is a specific amount of students legally required for a functioning student council. As some of us are already writing their thesis, we want to make sure no one is under too much pressure and we can keep the student council fully functional at the same time - there are so many great events planned for this semester!

In summary:
🕑 7:30pm, 17th of May
🏢 KommRaum, IC 03-173

If you have any questions regarding the plenary meeting, the student council, the vote, or participation in the student council, please text or send an email to the student council and we'll try to answer you. You can look at the student council regulations here for more information.

Further information about the student council.