Compulsory Courses

In the first two semesters all students have to complete seven compulsory courses in mathematics, mechanics, structural engineering and numerical methods. Five of these are offered in the first (winter) semester, two more in the second (summer) semester; a total of 39 CP must be obtained.

Compulsory Optional Courses

In our opinion, you can only be good at things you really like. We thus give our students the chance to specialise in the field they are most interested in. In the second and third semester they have the possibility to choose subjects from of a variety of elective courses. A list of the courses offered can be found below under the entry for the respective semester or in the modulehandbook. Furthermore, we recommend that students write two case studies in a subject they would like to further look into. At least 35 CP must be achieved in the compulsory optional courses.

Optional Courses

Optional courses can be selected from the entire range offered by the Ruhr-University Bochum. In order to specialise further, we offer courses in the fields of construction, material modelling, numerical methods, fluid and environmental engineering and dynamics. In addition, two language courses (we recommend German) can be credited. Compulsory optional courses can also be credited as optional courses. Students decide themselves how many optional courses they take. At least 16 CP must be achieved in the optional courses.

Master Thesis

After three semesters, students should have completed enough courses to reach at least 90 credits. The fourth semester consists of the final Master's thesis, which is credited with 30 CP.


Every course schedule includes lectures, exercises and sometimes assignments. Upon agreement with the respective lecturer, students who have sufficient German language skills may also attend lectures from the curriculum of the Master course Civil Engineering.

Courses Offered by Semester