A Thank You to the Student Council of 2022/23!



With the election of the new student council, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous Student Council for their valuable work.


With the election of the new student council, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous Student Council for their valuable work.

The CompEng student council represents the student body of the course. It consists of honorary students of the programme who are elected during an annual official general assembly. The tasks of the student representatives are varied: They delegate student representatives to the faculty committees, serve as contact persons for all students of the subject, help with questions and problems and facilitate the start of studies for first semester students by advising and organizing or supporting first-semester-students-events.

The work of the student council is one that we greatly appreciate. Especially during the pandemic, the different CompEng student council teams have been an immense help in supporting students and creating a sense of unity despite social distancing.

With the election of the new student council, the CompEng Support Team would like to thank the previous student council of 2022/23 for their work over the past year. They have done a wonderful job and, with their commitment and their many offers and events, have helped the Master's programme to grow closer together again after a long period of keeping a distance.

The student council team consisted of Nurgul Guliyeva, Lisa von Rössing, Gabi Nassar, Sourav Rooj, Tanmay Deshpande, Ricardo David Guzman Alcazar, Migel Jonal Pereira, Ainaz Sultangirova and Veronika Glazkova. The team was supported by Nasseer Mohammed, Thuc Pham Phu, Abdelrahman Shat and Ahmed Ben Omran.

There are many reasons why the members joined the student council: Lisa was already part of a student council during her bachelor's degree and "greatly enjoyed how much you can do for other students – events, but also representing students and solving problems". Tanmay really appreciated the work of the student council when he was new to Bochum and wanted to pass on the support he received to new generations of students: “During my first semester, the student council was incredibly supportive, assisting with studies, settling into Bochum, and organizing events to help us make new friends. I was really impressed with their approach to welcoming new students, and I wanted to contribute to the cause.” As some of the members were leaving the council, others joined the team, like Ricardo: “After attending some events organized by them, I was proposed to join the council, since some members were leaving the team. I saw this proposal as a chance to spend more time with my new friends and to learn more about the council’s procedures in the case I wanted to take part in the council in the next term.”

Being asked about the best part about being in the student council, Veronika appreciates “[t]o have the opportunity to make all ideas in the mind become true”, while Tanmay is grateful for “the privilege of engaging with students from various timelines – past, present, and future. We arrange different events where all the students could interact with each other and share their ideas and experience.” Lisa values being able to act as a bridge between the university and the students: “There are many people who will hear students’ opinions and try to change things towards the better, you just need to find a way to get the students opinions to them […]. Since most students at RUB speak German, non-German-speaking students are sometimes forgotten, so making sure the CompEng students’ needs are communicated carries an even greater weight.”

Lisa and Ricardo name the satisfaction and joy when a long-planned event is successful, and the work itself is viewed as another perk of being apart of the student council: "[I really like] seeing how happy the student council members are when an event they’ve been planning and working on for weeks turns out great" (Lisa). "At the end, when you helped with the event organization, and you see everyone having fun, then you feel a wonderful satisfaction" (Ricardo).

After a year full of experiences and adventures, each member has created lots of memories. Ricardo and Tanmay have particularly fond memories of the camping trip in the summer: “We were grilling, eating, talking, joking, and having a beer. I felt such a peace at that moment. Then I thought that having joined the student council had been the right decision.” (Ricardo) “The atmosphere was so lively, with continuous barbecues even during rain showers. We engaged in a variety of board games […], along with options like table tennis, and football. A highlight of the camp was the chance to go canoeing in the river. To me, it stands out as the most enjoyable event we have had.” (Tanmay) For Veronika, the Women's Day gathering holds a very special memory, as it was her first student council event: "[I]t was the beginning for me, and I was expecting a lot of stuff – it was so exiting!”

If you want to find out more about the many events organised by the previous student council, check out the pictures and brief descriptions of all events below:

Münster Christmas Market: Festive Delights with CompEng!

CompEng students gathered for a heartwarming visit to the Münster Christmas Market, where the Old Town glittered with enchanting holiday decorations. They experienced the complete "Christmas Market Experience" for the first time in Germany, including enjoying the cozy warmth of traditional Glühwein, exploring stalls to discover handmade crafts and delightful treats, and collecting unique holiday treasures.

CompEng Christmas Gathering!

The last event before the Christmas Holidays became special as new CompEng students joined a huge gathering, meeting their fellow colleagues from previous batches. Christmas-themed music filled the air, leading to impromptu dancing and merry moments.

International Women's Day Celebration: Networking, Awareness, and Cake!

After a brief pause for exams, the student council of Computational Engineering, in collaboration with the student councils of Civil and Environmental Engineering, organized an event to celebrate International Women's Day. It provided an opportunity to connect with university representatives and discuss crucial topics such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and efforts against violence and abuse towards women. As always, students indulged in sweet treats and aromatic coffee while celebrating the achievements and resilience of women. We would like to thank Dr. Nora Čavara, the head of the Dean's office, for joining us for this meaningful event.

Semester-End Celebration!

The final countdown to the end of the winter semester 2022/23 had begun! CompEng students joined together after an arduous month of projects and examinations to celebrate the semester's end with music, food, drinks, and games, enjoying the wonderful company of each other, and releasing the built-up tension throughout the semester.

Summer Semester Kick-off: Senior Advice Session!

As students prepared for the new semester, the student council assembled experienced seniors to share valuable insights about their new courses. They gained a sneak peek into what the summer semester holds and got answers to questions about subjects or exams!

Game Night in Dortmund: A Night of Fun and Thrills!

Students were invited to enjoy a night of exhilarating games and refreshing drinks at Gamer - Dortmund. Seven different games per person, with total gaming time lasting 90-120 minutes, ensured a diverse and engaging experience for every participant, made even more special with a portion of the costs covered by the student council.

Eifel National Park Hiking Trip!

The students embarked on a journey of captivating trails and breathtaking landscapes. Their destination, the mesmerizing Eifel National Park, offered a picturesque backdrop for a day filled with exploration. As they journeyed through the stunning paths of the national park and enjoyed regular intervals to set up small picnic spots, the group spirit flourished. The day concluded with a sense of accomplishment, having navigated the trails and absorbed the natural beauty that Eifel National Park had to offer.

University Game Night!

Inspired by the Dortmund game night event, the student council bought their own collection of board, card and dart games to organize a gathering for the students within the university itself, along with some snacks and drinks. The energy and enthusiasm brought by the students to the event made it an unforgettable evening.

Cultural Night Event!

The event aimed to celebrate the diverse cultures was a resounding success thanks to the active participation of different groups representing the international student community. Guests and representatives alike came together for an evening filled with cultural exploration. From tantalizing dishes to mesmerizing dances, songs, and enlightening presentations of traditional wear and symbols, each contribution painted a vivid picture of the unique heritages they share.

Summer Camp!

A huge camping trip was arranged in the middle of the summer at Jugendzeltplatz Aggertalsperre, where the CompEng students spent two nights outdoors. From mouthwatering BBQ sessions to thrilling canoeing adventures, beachside relaxation, and engaging games, every moment radiated the essence of summer fun. Sleeping under the stars in cozy tents and fuelling up with delicious brunches added an extra layer of joy to the experience.

BBQ Event!

This exclusive gathering brought CompEng students and alumni together, fostering connections and creating memorable evening to just chat and enjoy some delicious barbeque. Mingling with seniors offered valuable insights and added a special touch to the evening.

Paintball Game Event!

Students experienced a new thrill of navigating varied terrains, adding an extra layer of excitement to our new paintball adventure. The spirit of friendly competition filled the air, turning each outpost into a strategic battleground.

Introductory and Game Night Recap!

As is always the case, new students who have just started their CompEng journey had the opportunity to interact with some of their seniors and collect advice on how to proceed with the semester. As it was the first gathering of the students, a special game night was organized so that students could meet their fellow classmates in a fun and interactive way with snacks, drinks, and games. The night was filled with the rattle of dice, the shuffling of cards, and the friendly banter of strategic moves. The fantastic collection of board and card games brought everyone together for a night of friendly competition and shared joy.

CompEng Halloween Event!

As for the final event organized by the student council, it had to be the most awaited Halloween event of the semester! The creativity unleashed in the costumes was nothing short of extraordinary! From ghouls and witches to superheroes, the variety was spine-chillingly impressive. The delicious snacks and refreshing drinks kept everyone energized throughout the night. The night came alive with exciting games, a killer playlist that set the Halloween mood, and a dance floor where attendees showcased their best moves. Laughter, cheers, and spooky dance-offs added to the electric atmosphere. From eerie decorations to the laughter echoing through the venue, the CompEng Halloween Event was a night to remember.

A big thank you to Migel for providing the pictures and the descriptions and summary of all events of the student council of 2022/23!