News archive 2020

2020-12-07: Campus Corner Part III Now Online

The third part of our video series Campus Corner is now online!

2020-12-02: Behind the Scenes of CompEng Support – The Digital Welcome Programme of the Winter Semester 2020/21

New CompEng students are usually welcomed by the lecturers and the whole CompEng team during the official welcome ceremony which marks the start of the first semester. The newcomers are provided with information about the RUB and the daily life in Bochum, and they receive some useful tips from senior students. On this day the students meet each other in person for the first time and get the opportunity to get to know each other. This year many things are a little different. Most students of the new CompEng batch are starting the semester online from their home country. Since the traditional CompEng welcome day cannot take place this year, some creative new ideas were needed to introduce the RUB to the new students.

2020-12-01: Student Council Instagram Account!

You want to get an insight into the life of a CompEng student? You want to connect with CompEng seniors? Check out the CompEng student council instagram account!

2020-11-16: Campus Corner Part II Now Online

Our video series Campus Corner is back with its second part!

2020-11-16: Student Council Election 2020

On Wednesday, 4th November the CompEng student's first digital annual student council plenary meeting took place.

2020-11-02: Video Series "Campus Corner"

To celebrate the start of the lecture period we are happy to release the first part of our video series "Campus Corner". With this series we want everyone to meet some faces of CompEng as well as see some spots on Campus.

2020-11-02: Video Series "Campus Corner" now online

The official welcome ceremony usually takes place in the week before the lectures of the winter semester start. During this ceremony, the lecturers, the team and senior students introduce themselves and give the new intake an impression of what to expect at the RUB in the next two years. Above all, this is an opportunity for the new students to get to know each other in person for the first time. Like so many other events this year, the ceremony had to be cancelled.

2020-10-19: SFB 837 Member Sahir Butt Elected as GAMM-Junior

On September 25th, 2020, M. Sc. Sahir Butt, research assistant of the SFB 837 (subproject C4), was elected as GAMM Junior for the years 2021-2023.

2020-10-15: Extension of Junior Professorship of Jun. Prof. Dr. Vogel

With the presentation of the certificate by Dean Prof. Dr.-Ing. Höffer the junior professorship of Jun. Prof. Dr. Vogel was extended on the 17th of September. He was also assigned the status of a civil servant with limited tenure.

2020-10-01: Prof. Dr.-Ing Markus König Awarded Konrad Zuse-Medal

Prof. Dr. Markus König is awarded the Konrad Zuse Medal from the Central Association of the German Building Industry (ZDB). It is the most important award in the field of Computing in Engineering.

2020-07-02: Five Reasons why CompEng is Unique

By combining its strong research environment with a warm and supporting atmosphere on campus, the Master’s program Computational Engineering gained an excellent reputation among its students and partners. The reasons why students decide to continue their academic career at RUB, studying CompEng, are numerous. To name the most striking ones, check out our five reasons why CompEng is unique!

2020-06-15: Publication: Multiscale Dynamics of COVID-19 and Model-Based Recommendations for 105 Countries

Dr. Jithender J. Timothy, CompEng- Alumni and Post-Doctoral researcher at the Institute for Structural Mechanics, B.Sc. Vijaya Holla, 3rd semester CompEng student and one of the institute's student assistants, published a paper providing a new insight into the global dynamics of Covid-19, using multiscale modelling. The research was supervised by Prof. Dr. Günther Meschke, CompEng lecturer, who is the head of the Institute for Structural Mechanics.

2020-04-17: Prof. Hackl: Modeling the COVID-19 pandemic

To predict the future temporal course of the corona pandemic, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Hackl, holder of the Chair of Mechanics - Material Theory, has used an epidemic model that is related to formulations from the engineering sciences. According to his prognosis, we can hope for relief in May. In an interview with the PR team of the faculty, he explains in how far his forecast model is different from others.

2020-03-30: Award Winning CompEng Alumnus M.Sc. Sahir N. Butt

Former CompEng student M.Sc. Sahir N. Butt. is an outstanding alumnus.

2020-01-25: Student Council Ski Trip 2020

As a highlight at the beginning of 2020, the CompEng student council organized an unforgettable trip to Winterberg.

A special shout out to the RUB Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences and FSVK, who considerably helped to realize this trip with their financial support.